Catalogues with No Credit Check

Finding a catalogue that doesn’t do a credit check is like trying to find a bank that offers free money. They don’t exist. Any store or catalogue that says they won’t credit check you is not telling the full story. They will always check your financial history or ask for recent bank statements to make sure that you have money coming in.

Whilst a no credit check catalogue doesn’t exist, there are catalogues for people with bad credit that do offer finance options including buy now pay later, pay weekly and pay monthly. These retailers have much higher approval rates than credit card companies and mobile phone networks and so are a great way to help re-build your credit score.

You may be wondering what causes you to have a low credit score. Well, it can be a number of things but is usually down to poor debt management. Keeping a record of what you borrow and making sure you make all payments on time can work wonders towards fixing your financial history. We also recommend that you check you record (for free) by visiting a credit agency website such as Experian.

Some catalogues tend to be more lenient when it comes to offering finance to people with a less than average credit rating and compensate for this by charging a little higher interest than other stores. However, all customers must still pass the credit and affordability checks in order to be considered for a finance plan. The great thing about catalogues is that they offer a massive choice of products including mens and womens clothing, kitchen appliances, home and garden furniture, electricals, toys and gifts, crafts, sports equipment and lots more!

Once you’ve been approved for a credit account you can start spending immediately. Most stores will send you a statement every 28 days so that you know exactly where you are up to and how much more you have to pay back.

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